Couple Films Sweet Moments While Driving a Car, Goes Viral but Now Under Investigation

A young couple who are so in love with each other filmed themselves enjoying sweet moments while driving a car. They went viral but are now under investigation for their irresponsible actions.

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Posted on, a video of the couple’s antics went viral. In the video, the two could be seen in many different times inside a moving car. While it’s really fine if you kiss and hug your sweetheart in a moving vehicle, this is definitely a no-no to anyone driving!

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In the video, it was obvious that the car was moving and one of them was driving – despite that, however, they were so sweet and would hug or kiss. What’s frightening is that though most of the time they still managed to keep an eye on the road, there were moments when they would spend several seconds on a hug or kiss. Everyone knows how dangerous that can be!

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The couple even created the video to share their antics, with the nearly 1-minute clip viewed by over 1 million netizens on the page.

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Most of those who commented on the video said that they could not believe how irresponsible these two young ones are. Some also commented that they are alright with displays of affection and shows of love, as long as they put it in a place where they could not risk their lives or the lives of other people.

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The video has reached the Department of Transportation (DOTr). In response, the agency shared the video with a warning for motorists to avoid this kind of behavior when driving.

In a statement, the DOTr posted on Facebook:

Pasintabi lang po, Ma’am and Sir. Ayaw po namin maging KJ at makasira sa lambingan moments ninyo. We understand you love each other. PERO, LOVE DIN PO NAMIN KAYO, AND WE WANT YOU TO BE SAFE.

Dahil diyan, nais po namin kayong paalalahanan na…. Okay lang maglambingan, basta nasa ligtas na lugar, pagkakataon at pamamaraan.

TANDAAN: Kapag nagmamaneho, ang focus dapat ng driver ay sa kalsada, hindi sa katabi niya.

Minsan, mas okay na bumitaw sa nobya, ‘wag lang sa manibela. No bitter feelings. Just pag-ibig.

Salamat po.

Netizens agree with the DOTr, also pointing out that the young lovers were not even wearing seatbelts.

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According to the DOTr, the video has been forwarded to the Land Transportation Office (LTO). It is likely that the two would lose their driver’s license and could face a lifetime ban.

Watch the video here: