Couple in Their 20s Got to See How They Would Look in Their 90s… And It Brought Tears to Their Eyes

While we all hope and wish that we would grow old together with our partners, not everyone is given a chance to do that because of certain events in life that might change the future we had been hoping for.

But one couple in their 20s was given the chance to see each other in their 90s! Well, not through a time machine but via makeup and prosthetics.

In the video shared by Field Day, the young couple sat beside each other in a studio. Throughout the clip, the couple was aged from their late 20s to their late 90s. They were asked about some issues pertaining to their relationship and age-related stuff.

As the years grew for these two, their reactions toward seeing each other become more and more emotional – and their ‘last years’ really brought tears to their eyes! We can’t fault them, of course, for we’d all surely be deeply touched by the thought that you’ve been able to make your marriage last and you have lived most of your life with this partner who grew old with you, through whatever you might have experienced over the years…

What a touching thought. Check out the video here:

Source :

Globe Today

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