Couple Who Owns ‘Haunted House’, Willing to Pay a Brave Nanny $64,000 to Care for Two Kids

Nearly 10 years ago, a couple was told that the house they were eyeing was supposedly haunted but because they love adventures and were ‘open minded’, they bought the property anyway. After all, it came with a reasonable price, awesome views, and large rooms – what more could they ask for?

Well, the decision was quite fantastic for the couple whose house is located in a small village in the Scottish Borders, United Kingdom. They’ve been living in this supposedly haunted house for nearly 10 years but they haven’t experienced the supernatural events they had expected.

Photo credit: Eddie Robertson / Geograph UK

But the situation isn’t the same with the many nannies they hired to care for their kids, now aged 5 and 7 years old. Just this past year, the kids have been through a total of five nannies – and all had quit their jobs after experiencing strange happenings and supernatural activity in the house.

Most of the nannies talked about similar experiences: strange noises, moving furniture, and broken glass. But could these be the product of their wild imaginations, just because they were told that the house was haunted? After all, old houses do ‘creak and groan’ from time to time…

But the nannies insisted that they weren’t making things up! What’s worse is that these supposed supernatural events only happen when the couple is not around; however, with the couple gone up to four times a week because of their jobs, the hauntings happen quite often.

Not the haunted house in the ad [Ury House in Stonehaven, Scotland]
Photo credit: Reddit
Frustrated that they couldn’t keep a nanny but desperately needing one for their children, the wife posted a rather honest ad on the ChildCare UK website.

In this ad, she details what the nanny should expect in terms of salaries and benefits: a lucrative pay of £50,000 ($64,000) gross per annum, no work on public holidays, and 28 days of paid vacation per year. The nanny would also get her own spacious room with a private kitchen and en-suite bathroom.

The woman also details what she expect the nanny to do in terms of caring for the kids but while the job really does sound great, many couldn’t help but feel apprehensive about the ‘haunted house’ part.

Any takers for this exciting and rewarding job?

Click here to read the full ad and to send your application.

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