Couple Who Refused to Leave Dogs Behind, Gets Rescued Just Moments Before Their House was Swept Away

For many families, dogs are also part of the family, not just pets but it is a sad reality that many dogs are abused by their owners or are not considered important enough to be rescued in times of danger.

Recently, hundreds of pet owners in Texas, USA received flak after leaving their dogs behind, with many still on their leash or inside cages and were just lucky to have been saved by kindhearted rescuers who were actually looking out specifically for dogs and pets left alone by their owners.

But in Japan, one couple nearly died because they refused to leave their dogs behind – and their story was met with much love on the internet.

Photo credit: IBTimes UK / YouTube

The incident happened in Joso, Japan. After days of incessant rains, the region got flooded and homes were being swept away by the massive floods.

While the government issued warnings for people to evacuate, one elderly couple found it hard to leave especially because they had two dogs to bring along. But when the floods proved strong and massive, they were forced to go up their roof to escape the flood waters.

As the waters rushed around them and neighboring houses getting swept away by the rushing waters, it was soon apparent that they were doomed. Thankfully, they were spotted by rescue helicopters who sent two people down to fetch them.

Photo credit: IBTimes UK / YouTube

The elderly couple refused to be rescued unless their dogs were saved as well; thus, the rescuers placed the dogs in bags and hoisted them up to safety along with the old man and his wife. Whew!

The dramatic rescue moment was caught on camera and shared by IBTimes UK on YouTube: