Couple with Five Kids Who Readily Accepted Dying Neighbor’s Three Kids, Receives Awesome Surprise

Tisha Beauchmin was struggling with raising her five children along with her husband Kevin Beauchmin as they worked at a casino in Las Vegas but when a neighbor asked them to look after her three kids so she could get some tests done at the hospital, the Beauchmins readily opened their home for the youngsters.

What they didn’t know is that all their lives will soon change.

Tisha was approached by single mom Audrey who had no one to leave her three kids while she goes to the hospital. Audrey was diagnosed with stage two esophageal and stomach cancer.

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Shocked over the diagnosis and fearing for her kids, a desperate Audrey requested Tisha and Kevin to be her children’s legal guardians – and they readily said “yes” again! It turned out that Tisha had been an orphan and was put up for adoption as a kid but after spending years in foster homes, she didn’t want more kids to experience the same thing.

Then, Audrey died. The temporary situation had suddenly become shaky and the kids were not sure whether they would be sent to foster homes – but Tisha would have none of that. She and Kevin worked on adopting Audrey’s kids.

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But because their house is already cramped, they needed to provide separate beds for the kids and a division in the rooms so that they will be approved for adoption. This is where their friend Elizabeth Thames came in.

Knowing what the family had gone through, she nominated them to Fox5 Surprise Squad – and they got chosen for what would become the squad’s biggest surprise yet!

Not only did the Fox5 Surprise Squad renovate their homes and replace all the furniture, they were also given a gift certificate which entitled them to one year of free groceries from a nearby mall. Then, the family’s eldest son was given money to find a new apartment – and the family also received a new van!

Photo credit: Fox5

Isn’t that wonderful?

The family was in tears. Kevin and Tisha Beauchmin had only hoped to save Audrey’s kids but they got something wonderful from people who recognized their big hearts…

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