Court Denies Entry to Family Wearing Slippers, Netizens Slam ‘Selective Justice’ in the Philippines

In the Philippines, is justice really just for the rich and powerful? This seems to be the case, especially because people are lamenting over the dress code imposed on people entering the country’s Halls of Justice wherein those wearing slippers and ‘inappropriate’ clothes are not allowed to get inside!

A photo of a family standing outside the courthouse recently viral after it was alleged that they were not allowed entry because they were wearing slippers.

Beside the two women, one of whom was holding a barefoot kid, was a sign that showed the dress code imposed at the building identified to be the Hall of Justice in Valenzuela City.

‘Tsinelas’ or slippers were among those placed on the list of clothing items prohibited inside the courthouse.

Photo credit: Facebook / Ria Fernandez

While there are those who agreed that the Hall of Justice is a place where lawyers and office workers are expected to wear appropriate office attire, many slammed the agency for imposing a dress code on the visitors. After all, a lot of poor folks whose family members might be in court for a hearing could not afford to buy shoes, considering that many of them could not even afford to buy food for their family to eat 3 times a day!

Slammed for being anti-poor, people are calling for the dress code to be lifted to ensure that even the poor folks could get inside the courthouse. After all, is justice really just for those who can afford shoes?

That’s how netizens viewed the dress code, anyway.

Sadly, the court in Valenzuela City isn’t actually the only one that bans people wearing slippers from entering the facility. In fact, the same dress code is imposed across the country! Is this the time to call for that part of the dress code to be lifted?

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