Coworkers Donate Vacation Leaves So Injured Lineman Will Have Time to Recover

There are more than a dozen ways to help a person in need. Some provide financial assistance while some give their time and effort to support another person. For an electric line worker from Florida, the additional vacation time-off from work donated by his coworkers meant a lot for him; as it did not only help him recover from his injury, it also taught him not to give up on life.

Donnie Lumpkin works for Georgia Power. He almost lost his right leg because of an accident at work which happened 2 years ago and he needed physical therapy for it. He can claim for long-term disability which can cover all his bills and the amount of this physical therapy. However, he needs to go on leave without pay for a month to be able to qualify for such benefit.

Image from ABC News

Donnie’s company allows its workers to donate a vacation day or two to other coworkers, and a dozen of his co-workers gave their times off to help him out.

Because of this gift from his coworkers, Donnie was able to recover fully and was back on the job 16 months later, using a bionic foot.

He was very grateful to his coworkers, describing them as brothers and sisters from another mother. He said that he would also do the same for them, as all of them look out for each other, on and off the job.