Creepy Grab Driver Terrifies Female Passenger, Brings Her to a Cemetery Road at 1AM

Grab is one of the most used applications in the world because it is very convenient and efficient to use but of course, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies; there are also not-so-good experiences with drivers.

A Facebook user’s girlfriend experienced the misfortune of getting a scary ride after she booked a GrabHitch ride in Singapore on March 31 at around 1 am.

The Facebook user revealed that the GrabHitch driver used an old black-and-white photo of an old lady as his profile photo and it’s very weird that the driver passed through the cemetery to get to the drop-off destination.

Image: World of Buzz

“Upon boarding, he mentioned that he will be picking another rider, but in the end he did not pick anyone else. After that, he used a cemetery road instead of the expressway even though the GPS indicated that the expressway was roughly eight minutes faster,” the Facebook user narrated.

As soon as his girlfriend realized that something’s not right, she immediately called him and her other family members to let them know where she was. The driver seemed to notice that the girl had made calls so he immediately headed towards the expressway instead of continuing to enter the Mandai Road Cemetery.

“Fortunately, my girlfriend called for help, so the driver was forced to ‘back down’. We are still unsure of his intentions and have chosen to publicise that matter to warn other users,” he said in an interview with Stomp.

They realized that the driver used a creepy display photo of an old woman.

Image: World of Buzz

Grab Singapore said that they are currently investigating the incident.

If this is a prank or not, the girlfriend was just very lucky to do the necessary things before the driver went straight to the cemetery. Who knows what the creepy driver will do to her, right?