Crowd Goes Wild after Discovering the Homeless Man They Ignored was Cristiano Ronaldo in Disguise!

Don’t ever, ever judge a book by its cover! This is something that has always been proven by a lot of people in the past.

At a square in Madrid, Spain, professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid began doing some cool moves and exhibitions as he tried to engage the people to play with him but because, well, he was in disguise, no one really knew that it was him and just ignored him.

He also tried to ask a beautiful woman for her number but she quickly went away, in possible fear of this homeless guy – who in their right mind would give her number to a homeless guy, anyway?

While some people did interact with him and even took a video of his cool moves, no one really recognized him at all.

An hour after he first went to that square, a boy was brave enough to play with him and tried his best to defeat this cool guy. After their little game, he gave the boy the ball after he autographed it; then, he took off his disguise!

At that moment, the crowd went wild as they realized how they had ignored the famous soccer star who was in their midst!

People are also joking now about the woman who ignored him and did not give his number…