VIDEO: Crying Baby Saved from Locker after Being Left by Parents So They Can Go Swimming

Some people at a public locker room got the scare of their lives after hearing a baby crying inside a locker, thinking it was a ghost or evil spirit at first; but they would soon realize the cries came from a real baby and quickly moved to save it!

The incident happened in China. The ‘lazy’ parents didn’t want to bring the baby while they go swimming; thus they left it inside the locker.

Screenshot from video by AsiaWire / Adam Jack – YouTube

The gender of the baby was not revealed. It was also unknown whether it was still sleeping when its parents left it in the locker or how long it had been there before someone made the discovery but what was clear is that it was intentionally left inside the locker.

Perhaps the parents thought the child would be safest inside the locker because it wouldn’t get lost in the crowd or drown in the pool? Well, they must have forgotten that the child could have also died inside that locker!

Thankfully, some people heard the cries and realized there was a real baby inside. Staff were called to open the locker. A video taken during the rescue shows a staff opening the locker door, gasping after seeing the baby inside!

Screenshot from video by AsiaWire / Adam Jack – YouTube

A woman standing by the locker takes the child.

The parents were slammed on social media for their actions. A lot of netizens hoped the child was permanently taken from them as it could be endangered again in the future because its parents clearly have no idea whether something was dangerous to a baby or not!

Watch the rescue video here: