Curious Cheetah Jumps inside Safari Vehicle, Tourist Struggles to Stay Calm

These days, there are many ways to have fun and see the animals. Not only can you go to zoos and marine parks, you can also visit these animals in their natural habitat by going on a safari to exotic destinations.

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, eastern Africa, is one of the top favorites in terms of exotic destinations. While there are lots of places offering safaris, it is in Serengeti that you’ll experience being with the animals in their natural habitats.

Tourists doing jungle safaris ride in vehicles that allow them to best enjoy the view while keeping them protected from the wild animals. But one tourist learned the hard way that wild animals can be really unpredictable…

Photo credit: Peter Heistein / CGTN – YouTube

Recently, a post on CGTN’s Facebook page went viral.

In the post, a man could be seen sitting stoically at the front seat of a safari vehicle while a cheetah was at the back seat, investigating the interior.

Everyone was praising the man for remaining so calm in the face of danger but it turned out he was terrified but could not do anything. Running would be futile, of course, considering that cheetahs are the fastest runners in the animal kingdom.

The guide told the man to remain calm and silent; thus, he just let the cheetah explore the vehicle and sniff him out. The tourist was also told not to make eye contact with the cheetah.

Photo credit: Peter Heistein / CGTN – YouTube

The animal stayed in the vehicle for some agonizing minutes – and we’re willing to bet those minutes seemed like the longest and most terrifying ones to this tourist. Lucky for him the cheetah was really just curious. It would soon get out of the vehicle and explore someplace else. Whew!

Check out this video footage by Peter Heistein, a landscape and wildlife photographer: