Customer Drives Away with Full Tank of Gas Paying Only S$10, Leaves Elderly Pump Attendant to Pay for the Rest

Singaporeans were enraged as a netizen named Kelly Yeo posted on Facebook about an incident which took place on April 14 at around 2 pm involving an elderly pump attendant and a BMW driver.

According to the post, a BMW came to a Caltex station in Tampines Avenue to load gas. When the driver of the car was asked to pay S$135 ($103) worth of full-tank gas, he refused to pay for such saying that he only asked for a S$10 ($8) worth of gas.

Apparently, the BMW driver told the pump attendant, who seemed to be in his 60s, to “pump fuel ten”. However, the elderly pump attendant heard, “Pump full tank” to which he obliged. He explained it to the BMW driver but the latter did not accept his explanation.

Image from the Facebook Account of Kelly Yeo

Instead of arguing, the elderly pump attendant told the cashier to let the customer only pay S$10 and he will shoulder the rest. The customer, then, smugly drove away.

According to the netizen who made the post, she was disturbed that the customer took advantage of the opportunity to let the old man pay for the gas, which the vehicle would consume, anyway. Netizens, on the other hand, also expressed shock over the fact that the man could afford such an expensive car but would let another person pay for the gas.

The said incident became a hot issue that Singaporeans actually managed to locate the said BMW.

Meanwhile, Caltex Singapore has released a statement on their Facebook page saying that the pump attendant did not incur any financial obligation in relation to the incident and that they are already investigating it.