Cute Charming Besties Claim They are Twins, Insist They Really are Even with Their Stark Differences

Besties have similar characteristics, traits, likes, and favorites that they are so synced with each other. But for these two young girls, they are not just besties, they consider themselves as twins because they truly believe they are.

In a post shared by Victoria on her Twitter account, two 4-year-old girls named Jia and Zuri who were besties went to a friend’s birthday party dressed as princesses. When at the party, the two who don’t look in any way similar, claimed that they were twins.

Photo: Twitter/la loba @vickto_willy

Apparently, the two had been celebrating their birthdays together even if the dates were actually two days apart. They are both 4 years old, in the same class, and do almost anything together. Because of this, Jia and Zuri are really convinced they are twins. But of course, not everyone will believe they are twins because aside from the fact that they don’t look identical, they are really not twins.

According to Jia’s mother, Ashley Riggs Sarnicola, while the two were waiting for their turn for face painting in the party, Jia overheard a conversation between two other girls who said they were sisters. Shortly, Jia began a conversation and said that if the two were sisters, she and Zuri were twins.

But then, a guest responded to Jia’s statement.

“There is no way you and Zuri are twins! You don’t have the same skin color!”

After shedding a few tears, the brave Jia bounced back to defend herself.

“You don’t know anything; we are twins because we have the same birthday and the same soul,” she said.

Photo: Ashley Riggs Sarnicola/Facebook

Victoria’s post on social media caught the attention of many people who mostly commented that though the two were not really twins, they are unique, different and amazingly special.