Cyclists Make a Rather Unique Stop on Australian Road to Give Water to a Thirsty Koala!

A group of cyclists gained social media attention for stopping by an Australian road to give water to a thirsty koala.

The unique stop was quite sensational considering that a face to face encounter with a koala is rather a rare thing since the marsupial is endemic to Australia, meaning it is native to the area and it can only be found there (the ones at the zoo in your place don’t count, even if they are bred there).

In a now viral post on Facebook, professional cyclist Nick Lothian shares a photo of a koala taking a swig from his drinking bottle on a freeway in Adelaide, Australia. The creature was perched on the wheel of his bike while the other cyclists could not help but take pictures or videos of the rare moment.

Photo credit: Facebook/Nick Lothian
Photo credit: Facebook/Nick Lothian

The group had called animal services for help and stayed with the parched koala until the authorities arrived to take over.

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Yahoo! News

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