Dad Becomes Internet Hit after Mailing the Mangoes He Sliced for His Daughter Who Forgot to Bring the Pack

Dads may not be as ‘showy’ as moms when it comes to affection for their children but they do have their ‘manly’ ways of doing stuff that still show their love. It’s not that moms love kids more than dads love them but only because a lot of men just don’t know how to express their feelings that much.

One dad who showed his love to his daughter in a rather sweet and unusual way has the internet gushing over him, with many wishing they still have their dads around or that their dads were as sweet and thoughtful as he is.

Cecilia Li, 19, studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in Los Angeles, California while her family lives in San Diego, about 135 miles or a 3-hour drive away. She lives in an apartment near the school but takes drive home during weekends to spend time with them.

Photo credit: @ce_silly_a / Twitter

My dad works weekends, so I didn’t get to see him too much,” Cecilia revealed. But her dad, Joseph Li, makes it up by doing sweet things such as slicing up some mangoes for her to bring back to school because this is her favourite fruit.

But the next day, Cecilia was in a hurry to get back to school and forgot to grab the pack of sliced mangoes from the fridge. She only remembered about it when she was near Los Angeles; she did consider driving back because her dad had made the pack for her but her mom advised her not to do it as the drive was too far and she’ll be too tired.

When her dad texted her about it, she felt even more guilty and sad. Her dad asked for her address but she told him to just eat the mangoes as it would surely be a lot of trouble and more expensive to send her the sliced mangoes when she could have gotten herself some near her school.

Photo credit: @ce_silly_a / Twitter

The next day, however, she was surprised to find a package from her dad when she got back from school. Inside the box was an insulated Styrofoam box filled with ice packs – and nestled in the middle is her pack of sliced mangoes, still fresh and cool as if these just came from their fridge!

Photo credit: @ce_silly_a / Twitter

Touched but also amused by what her dad had done, Cecilia posted photos on Twitter where it went viral. A lot of people were amazed at her dad’s actions, saying he’s certainly one of the most thoughtful dads in the world…