Dad Becomes Taxi Driver to Find Missing Daughter, Finally Gets Reunited after 24-Year Search

A desperate dad became a taxi driver in hopes of increasing his chances of finding his missing daughter. After 24 long years of searching, he was finally reunited with the long-lost girl.

On January 8, 1994, Wang Mingqing and his wife were busy catering to many customers at their fruit stand in Chengdu, China, while their daughter was just playing nearby. But because they were dealing with a rather large crowd that night, they were not able to notice that someone had taken their daughter.

Photo credit: Shanghaiist

Mingqing and his wife rushed to the police station and also asked around if someone had seen their daughter, but no one noticed. For many years, Mingqing posted posters and gave out flyers to people in hopes that he would find his daughter, to no avail. The police had also closed off the search.

But Mingqing was not ready to give up. In 2015, more than 2 decades after his daughter Wang Qifeng was lost, Mingqing decided to become a driver for ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing. As taxi driver, he’d cover more ground and meet more people.

Photo credit: Shanghaiist

He would always hand out calling cards and flyers to his customers, hoping someone would recognize his daughter. It was like finding a needle in a giant haystack – what with China’s 1.4-billion population and the fact that he was sharing a photo of 3-year-old Qifeng when she’s already a full-grown woman by now.

Despite the very low chances he’d ever find his daughter, Mingqing was determined to do it. Each day he would go out to work as taxi driver, handing out his flyers.

He went viral in 2017 after someone posted his story on social media but he still didn’t find his daughter then.

My biggest wish right now is that someday my daughter will sit down in my car, and shout ‘Dad!’” Mingqing said. Then, he said he plans to tell her, “I’m sorry, Daddy didn’t live up to his responsibilities as a father.

A cartographer took pity on Mingqing and created a sketch of what his daughter might look as an adult.

Good news would come to this determined dad on April Fool’s Day 2018 – and it wasn’t a prank or a joke. A 27-year-old woman named Kang Ying living in Panshi city, Jilin province called Mingqing’s number, saying she thinks she is his long-lost daughter. The woman also went to the police station for a DNA test.

A few days later, Mingqing received the best news he’s been waiting for in 24 years, Kang Ying is his long-lost daughter, Wang Qifeng! He cried after receiving the news from his daughter.

Finally, after 24 years of searching Mingqing and his wife were reunited with their long-lost daughter. It took him 3 years as taxi driver to find her but his hard work had definitely paid off.

Photo credit: Shanghaiist

Dad, Mom, I’ve come home!” were Qifeng’s first words to her parents. It was a tearful but joyful reunion.

She told reporters that she had always known she was adopted, with her adoptive dad telling her she was found at a street in Chengdu when she was a kid. She had also tried searching for her parents when she grew up, not knowing they had been living just 20 kilometers apart!