Dad Enlists His 6-Year-Old Daughter’s Help to Pull Off Heartwarming Airport Proposal that Had Everyone Cheering

After a failed previous marriage, Jay found love again in Tasha who also loves his 6-year-old daughter wholeheartedly. The two girls get along so well and love each other like mother and daughter that when Jay decided to propose to Tasha, it was but natural to get his daughter involved in the process.

While Tasha was in Belgium for 3 months, the two made a countdown to the day she would be back again. Then, they waited for her at the airport carrying not just the countdown sign but a special sign created by Jay’s daughter.

What’s quite striking in this second sign is that it wasn’t only about Jay asking Tasha to marry him – but to marry them both! Of course, that is not a literal “Will you marry us?” question but it certainly shows that getting married to Jay would mean also accepting his daughter in the family.

When Tasha finally gets out of the doors and reaches the arrivals area where Jay and his daughter were waiting, the heartwarming proposal attracted the attention of several people who cheered when she said “yes”!

Watch the lovely moment here:

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Viral Nova

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