Dad Gets to Name His Future Son ‘Goku’ after Facebook Post Garnered 1M ‘Likes’

Carlos Sanchez, a would-be father to a baby boy from Littletown, Arizona, can finally give his son the name he wants after his Facebook post obtained more than 1,000,000 ‘likes’ from the netizens.

In his Facebook post, Carlos uploaded an image of him, with a Dragonball Z poster at the background, holding a banner which states that his wife would let him name their son ‘Goku’ if he can get 1,000,000 ‘likes’.  

Within 24 hours, Carlos’ Facebook post received an outpour of support from the netizens. Currently, the original post, which has been shared 175,338 times, has over 1,500,000 ‘likes’ and has accrued more than 79,000 comments.

For her part, Carlos’ wife remained true to their bargain. They made another post and this time, his wife is holding a banner stating that she’s keeping her word and their son’s name will be ‘Goku Sanchez’.

Goku is the name of a fictional character from the anime series Dragonball Z. He is a member of a warrior race called Saiyans, which gave him his superhuman strength. As the main protagonist of the anime series, Goku has become one of the most popular anime characters, not only in Japan but in other countries, as well.