Dad Makes a Huge Realization While Visiting His Daughter’s Family, Sparks a Touching Debate about Gender Roles at Home

In most households, moms are the ones who do the laundry even if they are career women who also have jobs outside the house just like their husbands. It seems that doing the laundry has long been viewed as a woman’s job yet is it, really?

One dad who visited his daughter made a huge realization that made him really sad about the role he played in his home and what he sees now with his daughter and her husband. His daughter’s busy life in and outside her house made him realize that husbands should also help out in the house.

He vowed to change this system, starting with his own role at home but also left a note for his daughter in that effect. Check out this touching video which had sparked a debate on why laundry is only a mother’s job:

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