Dad Places the Baby in a Tub…Cuteness Overload!

What makes babies so cute? Well, I really do not know the answer to that but they really are cute, right?

Now, there’s this dedicated dad who wanted to make sure he gets every precious memory recorded for his son’s first year. So, he took a video each day of the boy’s life and created a montage at the end of one year.

The photos and short stills are so adorable, especially the time when he placed the baby in the tub for a bath. It is wonderful to see how this baby is growing right before your eyes. Wouldn’t it be fun to make such a video montage for kids as well?

Great going, dad! Looking forward to more videos about the kid’s growing up years. I wonder whether he would also do that and when he would release those clips. This child is so cute, after all…

Here’s the video montage of his first year: