Dad Secretly Studied Sign Language for This Bittersweet Performance at His Daughter’s Wedding

Dads get emotional during weddings, too – especially at the part when he has to ‘give’ his daughter away to her new love. After all, he (the dad!) was her first love!

While most dads would go with the no fuss giveaway gesture of passing his daughter’s hand to his new son-in-law, Nicole Cortez’s dad had other plans. Because Nicole was a sign language interpreter, he thought it would be more meaningful for her if he learned how to sign so he could ‘sign her a song’, instead of singing!

Dad truly knew how to make a grand performance because he picked one of the best songs a dad could ever choose for the rite of giving his daughter away: Heartland song “I Loved Her First”.

Everyone had tears in their eyes as they watched this heartwarming performance. Even the groom was crying!