Dad Sells Business to Build $51-Million Theme Park for Daughter with Autism and Other Disabled Kids

While amusement parks area built for kids and kids at heart, it is also a reality that most of the rides are not suitable for disabled kids; thus, kids with disability don’t get a chance to have fun like the other children but thanks to a loving dad, it is now possible for them to have great time in an amusement park and water park made especially for them!

A businessman named Gordon Hartman was heartbroken upon watching his 12-year-old daughter Morgan getting rejected by other kids because they don’t know how to handle her autism.

Photo credit: Morgan’s Wonderland / UNILAD

Wanting his daughter to be happy just like other kids, Hartman sold his property development business in 2005 and ventured into a theme park called Morgan’s Wonderland in honor of his daughter. Construction of the theme park began in 2007 and Morgan’s Wonderland would become fully operation by 2010.

The theme park is located in San Antonio, Texas.

Photo credit: Morgan’s Wonderland / UNILAD

What makes Morgan’s Wonderland different from other theme parks is that it is fully accessible and has special equipment to ensure that kids with disability can still have a great time on the rides. Aside from provide special straps on the rides, spaces are also provided for wheelchairs.

There’s also a sensory village for kids like Morgan to enjoy.

While it took a while for Morgan to get accustomed to the theme park, she would soon enjoy her visits and loved each moment she spent there.

Photo credit: Morgan’s Wonderland / UNILAD

Hartman felt ecstatic that he could now see his daughter really enjoying herself – and more so because there are other kids like her who are also having lots of fun at Morgan’s Wonderland. Thus, he decided to open a waterpark: Morgan’s Inspiration Island, the only fully accessible waterpark in the world!

He would also launch The Academy at Morgan’s Wonderland, still for children with special needs.

Many adaptations make Morgan’s Inspiration Island ultra-accessible. In other words, those with special needs can do as much and have just as much fun as those without disabilities.

A great example is the availability of waterproof wheelchairs. Guests in expensive electric wheelchairs can’t afford to get them wet.

At Morgan’s Inspiration Island, guests can use spacious facilities to transfer out of their wheelchairs into waterproof wheelchairs.

Photo credit: Morgan’s Wonderland / UNILAD

Now 24 years old but with the mental capacity of a 5-year-old kid, Morgan has no idea that she has become an inspiration to many and that she was the instrument in ensuring other kids like her also have the chance to have fun despite their disabilities.

She would happily high five other guests and welcome them to the amusement park and waterpark – and this was truly a dream come true for her dad!