Dad Shaves Off His Beard and Shows it to His Adorable Daughter. Her Reaction? PRICELESS!

It is no secret that parents love to tease their children. For most of them, it’s like a bonding time for them and their kids. It’s practically a hobby for them, something they would want to treasure every time. What do they get from this? Simple. The happiness and joy of seeing their kids facial expressions. They all get a kick of watching their child’s reactions and facial expressions to unusual situations; and most of the time, parents are armed with their cameras to capture these life’s best moments.

Take for example in this YouTube video, a father with a beard decided to shave it all off and present it to his little girl. When someone sports a beard for a long time, sometimes it becomes part of his identity, people mostly remember him for his beard and he becomes difficult to picture without the facial accessory– like what happened to this father.

A father pranked his little daughter by shaving his beard. Yes, it may not see like a big deal, but I guess, the father has sported that beard for a long time that is why it’s overwhelming to learn he no longer has the beard all of a sudden.  This poor little girl was in for a major shock when her dad removed the towel he put on his face.

Watching the video below, we see that the father-daughter share a special bond. It’s hard not to laugh at the toddler’s reaction. Watch their adorable video below: