Dad Shows Up at Daughter’s School with Wet Pants, So She Wouldn’t be Embarrassed after having a Toilet Accident

Everyone knows how embarrassing it can be if you had a toilet accident – and this is mortifying even to young kids, especially if it happens in a public place such as in school and the other kids learn about it.

You can just imagine the endless teasing and, quite possibly, bullying that the child might get after such an embarrassing experience. So, when one dad received a call from his daughter’s school that she had a toilet accident in school, he arrived with wet pants so she wouldn’t be embarrassed.

Photo credit: Lucinda Sowards / Twitter

Netizen Lucinda Sowards posted some snapshots on Twitter, sharing how her dad handled the toilet accident – and it has gone so viral that everyone is now calling him the “Dad of the Year”!

My little sis had an accident today at kindergarten & this is how my dad left to pick her up so she wouldn’t feel so sad/embarrassed


Photo credit: Lucinda Sowards / Twitter

Everyone really loved how this dad did this for his little girl. Many commented how this dad had taken parenting to a different level and that his little girl will surely be grateful for the rest of her life over such a sweet act.

Others were embarrassed for the pair, however. Some netizens commented how it was truly embarrassing for the little girl to go viral on social media for a toilet accident – and daddy wetting his pants to make her feel less embarrassed might have actually caused her more embarrassment instead! Oooops.

What do you think: Greatest or Worst Dad of the Year?

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