Dad Takes 32,000-Kilometer Road Trip Across 26 Countries to Personally Drive Daughter to US School Like He Promised

A lot of people dream of going to the US and living there for good or even studying in one of the prestigious universities the country has to offer.

One of these people is Huang Haitao who hails from Nanjing, eastern China. He had always hoped that his daughter Huang Xinyi would be accepted in a university in the US.

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The two love to travel together, with Xinyi previously taking a year off so they can travel to the North Pole some 4 years ago. It was during their trip there that he promised to personally drive her if she gets accepted by a college in the US.

So, when Xinyi was accepted at Seattle University (SU), Haitao also filed a visa and began to map out their road trip.

Photo credit: Weibo / Yahoo! News

They set out from their home and traveled north towards Mongolia. Haitao wanted to make sure they cover as many countries as they can without compromising their safety and also making sure they will reach the US by September when the classes start.

The two would spend the next 108 days together, traveling across 26 countries which included Russia, Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Slovenia, Romania, France, and the United Kingdom. It was in Southampton, England that they had their pick-up truck shipped across the Atlantic while they took the plane.

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After a brief rest from the road, they collected their car and traveled to Chicago. They passed through several states and also enjoyed a road trip across the US, traveling from East to West towards Los Angeles, California before heading north to finally reach Seattle in Washington.

They arrived on September 11, just in time for the school’s opening. The school officials offered to hold a welcoming ceremony to celebrate their incredible feat but the father declined, saying they were there for Xinyi to study.

He said, “[She] came to study, her top priority is to settle down quickly for her future academic life.”

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Many people were amazed over what the duo did, saying they could not imagine going on a road trip for that long and covering that many kilometers.

Others also pointed out that it would have certainly been much faster and probably cheaper if the two traveled by plane, considering there are direct flights from China to Seattle but Haitao wouldn’t have it any other way. That might be faster but it would take the fun out of the trip!

Besides, this might be the last opportunity he will have to bond with her for a long time.

Photo credit: Weibo / Yahoo! News

After she goes to college, there won’t really be many opportunities in future for me to spend so much time with her. She’ll have her own life, so the least I can do is send her onto the next chapter of her life,” he mused.