Dad Takes 7 Standard Kitchen Cabinets to Create This Awesome DIY Platform Bed

Dads are incredibly awesome, especially if they know how to create marvelous spots in the house using excellent DIY skills and stuff you wouldn’t except they would use for these items.

For example, there is this awesome dad named Chris Heider who created this awesome platform bed for his daughter using 7 standard kitchen cabinets from IKEA! Now, you might be wondering how in the world he got to create the bed using the cabinets but you’ll soon find out that it is actually easy to do – thanks to his step-by-step tutorial in the video below.

He did add some pieces of lumber to the DIY bed but most of this lovely creation was made from the kitchen cabinets. I can’t wait to try creating this for my children’s rooms!

Don’t worry because this project looks really easy to do…

Source :

SF Globe

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