Dad Trolls His Daughter’s Wedding Proposal, Holds Up “Say No” Protest Sign

Last Saturday, Levi Bliss and Allison Barron from Winnemucca, Nevada, took their relationship to a whole new level but while Levi was proposing to Allison, the romantic moment was broken by her dad who was holding up a protest sign that read, “Say no”! Ooooops!

The lovebirds had been together for 2 years. When Levi decided to propose to Allison, he first asked permission from her dad. But while her dad did give him permission to propose to Allison, he had other ideas…

Photo credit: @allison_barron / Instagram

Levi brought Allison to a field where the words “Marry Me?” were carefully placed on the ground. It was such a sweet moment for the two that Allison was brought to tears. But before she could get even more emotional, she looked up to see her dad standing on the hill, holding up a “Say no” sign!

Would Allison follow her dad’s instructions? Levi must have felt betrayed!

Photo credit: @allison_barron / Instagram

Upon seeing the sign, netizens cautioned Allison against saying “Yes” because there are really many times when dads know best and it is better to listen to family.

But the two began laughing when they saw the sign.

It turned out Allison’s dad, Jake Barron, is a prankster who loves making practical jokes like this one. He does approve of Levi and they are actually good friends, Allison said.

This is really just my dad’s personality. We have a very close family and so he’s made little jokes like this before. We both know my dad so well, we got the joke right away and found it funny.

We have gone on many trips all together and they have hung out just the two of them before too, playing tennis, riding dirt bikes, and other activities.”

Oh, and if you were wondering, Allison ignored her dad’s protest sign and said, “Yes!”

Photo credit: @allison_barron / Instagram

Twitter loved Daddy Jake’s prank. He would soon become the subject of memes. Coolest dad ever? Probably!

We can’t wait to see what he would do at their wedding… Perhaps he’d put up a bigger sign, “I told you to say ‘No’!” LOL.