WATCH: Dad’s Emotional Journey Starts on His Son’s Birth…This is So Sweet

The birth of a child changes the lives of at least two people: the parents. They have to change a lot of things in their lives because there is now this little person who depends on them – and most people welcome this wonderful change in their lives!

Many parents, however, struggle as their kids grow. Different stages in their kids’ lives dawn on them, whether they are already prepared for it or not.

There are parents who have to struggle doubly hard because they have to be away from their kids because of work or other reasons. Their constant absence surely has an impact in their kids’ lives.

In this video created by Nissan for the 2015 Super Bowl, we are showed the struggles of a close-knit family as they tried to deal with dad’s frequent absence because of his career as a race car driver…

Source :

SF Globe

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