Daredevil Tries to Zipline Using Just His Ponytail to Break World Record, Dies after Stunt Goes Wrong

He already holds the world record for the longest distance traveled on a zipline using hair but Indian daredevil Sailendra Nath Roy wanted to ensure he keeps the record by beating it again. But things did not go as planned and he would end up dead in front of hundreds of spectators.

It was in 2011 when Sailendra created the world record which was officially recognized by Guinness World Records. But that was not the only stunt Sailendra did. In fact, the daredevil also attempted other world records, such as pulling the nearly 39-ton Darjeeling toy train using his ponytail back in 2008.

Photo credit: Good Times

To break his own world record, Sailendra hang a 600-ft zip wire 70ft above Teesta River, just beside Coronation Bridge in West Bengal, India. He wore a life jacket as protection just in case something goes wrong.

Hundreds of Sailendra’s fans arrived at the bridge to watch him break the world record. Everyone was excited as they were sure he would make it.

Photo credit: Good Times

Sailendra began his descent down the zip wire to the deafening cheers of the spectators. With arms outstretched, he went down the wire. Everyone cheered.

When he reached the middle, however, his ponytail got caught in the rollers. This led to him getting stuck there.

Photo credit: Good Times

But while he struggled hard and tried to shout for help, not one of his team members or the spectators realized he was actually in trouble. They thought he was just celebrating the moment and making the descent more dramatic.

For several minutes, Sailendra struggled and shouted as his fans watched. Then, all of a sudden a hush came over the spectators when Sailendra stopped moving and hang limp on that zip wire. They realized that he was not putting on a show but could actually be in real trouble.

The team had no contingency plans for emergency events like this one because they simply did not think it would happen. So, it took them 45 minutes before they were able to get Sailendra down. By then, it was already too late.

Photo credit: Good Times

They still rushed him to the hospital but doctors declared him dead on arrival. Sailendra died of cardiac arrest as he struggled on that zip wire, in plain view of those cheering spectators! Everyone thought they were watching an exciting show but later would they realize they had witnessed Sailendra’s horrific death…

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