Daughter of Single Mom Market Vendor Graduates Magna Cum Laude

The daughter of a single mom who worked hard as market vendor to send her children to school, Asmin Abdullah made her mother proud as she graduated magna cum laude from the Islamic Studies program of Mindanao State University in General Santos City, southern Philippines.

Salma Abdullah revealed that she’s very proud of her daughter as well as herself for having raised her kids and sent them to school despite not having a husband to help with the finances. She earns a living as market vendor in Glan, Sarangani.

Meanwhile, Asmin revealed that her college years haven’t been easy especially because she felt some degree of discrimination from the other students who look down on her choice of course but she revealed that Islamic Studies is also a difficult course which deals on Islamic history, economics, politics, etc.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News
Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

She also hopes that discrimination against Muslims will stop because it has made their lives difficult.

Congratulations, Asmin and Salma Abdullah! You are living proof that being poor and underprivileged should not stop people from living their dreams…