Deaf and Nearly Blind Dog Kept Lost Girl Safe Until She’s Found

Aurora, a 3-year-old girl, wandered off into a bushland in Queensland, Australia, some two kilometers away from her family’s home on Friday, April 21. She was found by her family and emergency rescuers on Saturday morning, after a rainy night.

To her family’s relief, she was in good health and suffered only minor scratches; though she spent more than 15 hours in the wild, thanks to her loyal companion, 17-year-old blue heeler dog Max.

While they were searching for Aurora, the child’s grandmother faintly heard her voice from the top of the mountain. Upon reaching the area, the team was met by the deaf and partially blind Max. The dog, then, led the rescue to where Aurora was.

The grandmother said that Max never left Aurora out of his sight and the little girl slept with the dog.

In a Facebook post, the Queensland Police recognized Max’s heroic deed and awarded him the distinction of an honorary police dog.

Image from the Facebook account of Kelly Benston and Queensland Police Service

Aside from Max, the family was also thankful for more than 100 Emergency State Services (SES) volunteers, police, and members of the public who helped search for Aurora. The search operation had been difficult for the team because of the steep slopes full of vegetation.