Despite Cold Treatment from Daughter, This Mom Travels 2 Hours Each Day to Bring Her Food

Residents at an apartment complex have taken pity on a woman in her 70s who has been bringing food for her widowed daughter every day. Despite cold treatment from her daughter, the old lady never fails to arrive each day with food in her hands, to ensure her daughter gets to eat.

According to World of Buzz, residents on the seventh floor of Bedok Reservoir Road HDB in Singapore heard an old lady calling out one day at the flat in the corner. She spent 2 hours calling the flat owner’s name but no one opened the door.

Photo credit: Zao Bao

They told her the owner, a woman in her 40s, might not be around but the old lady said she was sure the owner was just inside but wouldn’t open the door because she was grieving the loss of her husband. It turned out the owner was her daughter.

The old lady went downstairs to rest a while but tried again. This time, her grieving daughter opened the door but the other residents said the old lady wasn’t allowed to get inside. But the woman was happy to see her daughter; she waited until the daughter was finished eating, packed up the food containers, and set out for home.

Photo credit: Zao Bao

Every single day since then, she arrives at around 4PM and leaves at 6PM. Despite the cold treatment, she never failed to bring her daughter food! This has been going on for 3 years now.

The grandmother said that ever since her daughter’s husband passed away, her daughter’s temperament took a drastic turn. She would stay indoors the whole day, not wanting to come out from her house. That is the reason why the grandmother comes over every day to deliver her food to her daughter,” a resident told reporters.

The old lady told reporters she takes the bus from Toa Payoh to Bedok Reservoir Road each day just to bring food for her daughter. The trip takes about an hour, one way; thus, the old lady travels about 2 hours every single day.

Photo credit: Zao Bao

But the old lady said she doesn’t mind preparing food for her daughter and traveling that far each day.

Ever since her husband passed away, she does not leave the house on her own anymore. If I do not come over, how would she willingly step out the door to have a meal?” she said.

We sure hope her daughter will realize the sacrifice her mother is taking each day…