Despite dialing the wrong number, elderly woman receives walker which she tried to order via voicemail

  • A woman from Albuquerque dialed the wrong number when she was trying to call a medical supply store to order a walker
  • She has been clicking the wrong last digit so she reached the Bernalillo District Attorney’s Office instead
  • The group who heard her voicemail decided to surprise her with the walker she was trying to order, which she apparently needed for her grandson’s wedding

An elderly woman from Albuquerque who dialed the wrong number several times in an attempt to call the medical supply store received a surprise from the people on the other line.

Bernice was trying to order a new walker from a store, but she kept on dialing the wrong last digit, so she reached the Bernalillo District Attorney’s Office instead.

Image from screenshot via KRQE

On her fourth attempt, Bernice decided to leave a voicemail asking about the walker she needed. Well, apparently, Special Agent in Charge Kyle Hartstock first heard her message and decided that he needed to share the call with his colleagues.

“I put it on speaker and played it for everybody because it was a different kind of missed call, and it was kind of cute and humorous at the same time,” Hartstock reportedly told KRQE.

He called her back and Bernice explained what she was trying to say. “I am just trying to get hold of anybody with a walker,” Hartstock recounted Bernice as saying.

The group decided that instead of telling the old woman that she dialed the wrong number, they chipped in to buy that walker she has been looking for. Eight employees went to the house of Bernice to personally hand the walker to her!

Image from screenshot via KRQE

That was when they found out why Bernice had been persistent in trying to call what she thought was the store — she needed the walker for her grandson’s wedding day. Bernice told them she has even thought about not going — but thanks to the mix up, she can now walk the aisle and watch her grandson get married.

Good job to the employees who were willing to go the extra mile to help Bernice!

Source: KRQE