Despite His Disability, This Industrious Filipino Parking Attendant Never Fails to Help Drivers

While there are many strong, able-bodied people who would rather sit watching TV the whole day or go out with their drinking buddies while their wives area breaking their backs at work or become bad guys who snatch bags from honest workers, there is this industrious Filipino parking attendant who earned netizens’ admiration after his photo was posted on Top Gear Philippines’ Facebook page.

The industrious parking attendant assists drivers at NepoMall Angeles City, Pampanga in the Philippines.

Photo credit: Facebook-TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES/Berna Perez-Cruz
Photo credit: Facebook-TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES/Berna Perez-Cruz

But this guy is not like other parking attendants because he was actually handicapped and using a specially made tricycle since he could not walk – yet this did not deter him from earning his keep by tending to cars and assisting their drivers. Because he could not walk, he uses he uses his left hand on the tricycle to maneuver himself around the parking lot while his right hand guides the drivers.

Kudos to this guy!