Despite Losing Both His Hands, Man Works at Construction Site Instead of Begging for Money

“Through perseverance many people win success out of what seemed destined to be certain failure.”

Just recently, a 47-year-old man became viral on social media because of his story that inspired many people. Despite having both of his hands amputated due to an accident, he built a two-story house for his family and works in a construction site. Amazing, isn’t he?

The inspiring man, named Loh, comes from the small village in Gansu province, China. He was born with perfect limbs but later on, he encountered an accident and sadly lost both of his hands.

Photo credit: Sinchew

When he married his wife 22 years ago, he was determined to give her a better life. According to the report, to make sure his wife could tag along comfortably when he’s out to buy herbs for his business, Loh bought a car. During that time, life was looking good and business was good. However, life took a turn when he encountered an accident. Loh lost both of his hands because of it.

During that time, he felt that he had hit rock bottom; he could have given up on life and he could have simply resorted to ride on his disability to beg for money, but he didn’t. Instead, he took this as a challenge and he did his very best to gain confidence and courage to learn how to do his day-to-day activities without his hands.

Photo credit: Sinchew

When Loh was interviewed by reporters, he said that many of his friends told him to choose the easy way and become a beggar. According to them, with Loh’s condition, he could easily earn money by begging.

Loh said to them, “I’m already receiving financial aid from the government for my disability. If I still go out begging for money, don’t you think this would bring shame to myself and my family? I may be handicapped, but I’m still a perfectly healthy man, and I can still work and put food on the table.

He ended up working at a construction site. Considering his condition, it is already a tough job for normal adults, what more for him? Despite this, he worked twice or thrice as hard as the other workers and he refused to be treated differently.

It was tough for him at first, because he had to put in more effort than an ordinary person to finish the same task. But after years of practice, hard work and perseverance, Loh could finally go on with his life to do day-to-day activities without anyone’s assistance.

Many people were amazed by his will and perseverance – he is definitely an inspiring role model for all of us.

Kudos to you, sir! We wish you nothing but the best in all of your endeavors.

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