Despite Their Country Being Ravaged by War, This Dad Still Finds Ways to Make Things Fun for His Kids

While many of us take things like going out to some restaurant for a family get-together once a week or once a month, having fun with our kids at their favorite hangout, or going off to some place for a vacation once a year, there are families across the world who are not even sure if they will survive the day, whether they would get to eat the next meal, etc.

In a viral post that will surely change the way you look at your life, social media user Furqan Shayk shares on Facebook a poignant photo of a dad who was letting his kids enjoy a swim in the bathtub.

Photo credit: Facebook / Furqan Shayk
Photo credit: Facebook / Furqan Shayk

While that might be an ordinary thing for many of us, this one was quite different because as you can see in the photo, the kids weren’t swimming inside a bathroom; well, the tub was surely once inside a bathroom but it is now fully exposed to the elements and public view – because war has ravaged the buildings around it!

Yet, despite the serious and scary circumstances of their lives, this dad still managed to make sure that his kids have fun, even if it was just temporary.

We salute this unnamed dad – because, after all, in this world, it is often the little things that matters most…