Dessert Shop Makes Realistic Puppy Puddings… Would You Dare Eat These Delicious Treats?

These days, when you open any type of business, you have to expect that there’s bound to be a lot of competition. You and your competitors have to do what’s best to attract customers. While most resort to paying for ads and promoting the place, others do it by offering unique options for their clients.

Such is the case of a dessert shop in Pathun Thani, north of Bangkok, in Thailand. While most shops sell coconut cream puddings in flower shapes, Thai dessert shop Wilaiwan serves the treat in the form of puppies!

Photo credit: Oddity Central

Would you dare eat these adorable pups?

Photo credit: Oddity Central

Whoever made these treats knew their craft so much because the dogs do look for real…

While the dessert is 100% coconut cream pudding and does not contain at dog meat, a lot of netizens expressed disgust over the concoction. These people think that this was akin to eating real dog meat – but the dessert shop announced that the treat was really pure pudding.

You’ve got to admit the pudding does look like aborted dog fetus. Yuck!

Others did not feel disgusted by the cute pudding but said that the treat looks so realistic they could not bear taking a spoon and cutting into that dog-looking food.