Determined Doctor Miraculously Brings Young Patient Back to Life after Performing CPR for 2 Hours

 A 22-year-old patient came back to life after a determined doctor performed CPR for 2 hours! Can you believe that?

The unusual incident happened at Liuzhou City Hospital in Guangxi, China. According to a report on Oriental Daily, the young man was rushed to the hospital due to convulsions but went on cardiac arrest at the emergency room.

The staff immediately performed CPR but he did not revive. They did their best, giving him epinephrine injections and using a defibrillator but nothing happened. His pulse came back but it was too weak and unstable.

Photo credit: World of Buzz / South China Morning Post

Despite the patient not having a pulse for over an hour, the doctor instructed the staff not to give up because he believes the young man still had a chance of reviving based on his medical assessment.

Now, the hospital had a policy that the emergency staff are allowed to stop what they were doing if nothing happens in 30 minutes but the determined doctor persisted.

Don’t give up!” he said. So, the hospital staff had no choice but to follow his instructions.

Photo credit: World of Buzz / South China Morning Post

Amazingly, the young man came back to life about 2 hours after he ‘died’. By this time, over 15,000 chest compressions had been performed on him. He was rushed to the ICU and is expected to recover soon.

His story would amaze a lot of netizens who just could not believe that a person could still be revived 2 hours after his heart stopped breathing. But netizens were more amazed by the fact that this doctor did not give up even though it took 2 hours for the patient to revive.