Devastated Bride Shares How Brother Demanded to Return Their Parents’ House Keys on Her Wedding Day

Qing Qing, 25, from China used social media to share how her elder brother demanded to give back their parents’ house keys on the day she got married.

According to World of Buzz, Qing Qing’s relatives did not approve with the relationship she had with her husband so they decided to introduce her to another man who suits their taste but she rejected him anyway because of their large age gap.

Despite her family’s disapproval, the couple then decided to get married. However, her brother ridiculously asked her in front of all their guests to hand over their parents’ house keys since she will not be living there anymore.

Image: World of Buzz

At that point, she was still wearing her wedding gown and holding a bouquet. Of course, the house keys weren’t with her at the moment but she promised to give it back once the ceremony was over. The next day, the couple had their honeymoon, but this brother kept bugging her through a series of phone calls.

Qing Qing’s brother even contacted her parents-in-law to ask permission if he could enter her new bedroom and search for the keys himself. Seriously?

What’s even more surprising is that Qing Qing’s parents agreed with her brother. Wow!

She also received a message from his brother saying

“You’re already married, why do you still need our house keys? A daughter getting married is like water getting splashed out of the house. From now on, you have nothing to do with our family anymore”.

The brother also added that their parents are aware of what he was doing.

The devastated newly-wed bride replied to her brother

“You are my blood brother. The reason why you don’t want me home is because you’re afraid I might split our parents’ property with you in the future. Don’t worry about that, you just focus on being a good son. It’s okay that you don’t love me, I still have my husband!”

We do hope that their issues will be fixed soon, they are still a family after all.