Devoted Boyfriend Goes Viral for Buying Sanitary Napkins for GF… And Writing Her a Sweet but Hilarious Note

Most guys wouldn’t agree to buying sanitary pads – even if it is for their beloved wife or girlfriend. There’s just something about sanitary pads that makes even the bravest men feel somewhat shy to do.

Here’s the question, if you are a guy, would you readily go to the store to buy a pack of sanitary napkins? For ladies, how many guys do you know who would have no qualms of doing this? Chances are, most men will answer that they wouldn’t do it if they were given a choice and most men will tell you know probably know no guy who would dare do it.

So, we probably have to salute this guy named James Saquilabon who not only bought his girlfriend a pack of sanitary pads while enduring the laughter he got from the cashier and the girls queuing behind him, but he also gave her a sweet although quite hilarious note – and even had the guts to post it on social media!

Photo credit: Sizzling Feed
Photo credit: Sizzling Feed

In his post on Facebook, Saquilabon told his girlfriend how he chose the brand “Modess” because it was the brand used by her idol, actress Julia Barretto in the commercial. In this ad, Barretto was doing lots of wonderfully fun things, such as running and jumping; thus, this devoted boyfriend thought his girlfriend would appreciate this brand because she likes to do planking.

He admitted that he felt a bit ashamed when the girls laughed at her at the counter but he managed to cover his face and endure their snickers to pay for the product. He ended the post in jest, telling her he bought the “with wings” option because it sounded tough to the ears.

Saquilabon’s post quickly went viral on social media, with plenty of girls expressing envy of the napkin’s recipient, admitting that their significant others would never dare buy the pads even if it ends in a major lover’s quarrel.

So, what do you think of this issue?

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