Diamond Ring Worth $17K Found in a Garbage Dump

On December 18, a woman known only by her surname Xia from Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province of China was cleaning her house when she accidentally dumped her diamond ring worth 110,000 yuan ($17000) in the trash. The garbage has been collected already when she realized that her ring was missing and it might have been included in the trash.

She immediately went to the office of the local sanitation department to report her lost ring. However, the director informed her that the trash collected from her area had already been compacted. She was, then, advised to come back the following morning and she was assured that the trash will not be transferred yet to the incinerator.

The director of the sanitation department also gave an instruction for guards to be stationed near the piles of trash so it would not be subjected to incineration.

Image from Shangaiist via Medium

On Tuesday morning, eight sanitary workers started searching through 13 tons of trash for the lost diamond ring. After two hours of search, the diamond ring was fortunately found.

Image from Shangaiist via Medium

Xia was happy to have found her ring but she was more than grateful for the efforts exerted by the sanitary workers in looking for it. According to her, the actions of the workers were way more valuable than her fancy diamond ring.

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