Did The Simpsons Predict the Future? MindChop Thinks So! Here’s a Video of 10 Things the Show ‘Successfully’ Predicted

There are 10 things that the popular 90s animated TV show, The Simpsons, supposedly predicted in the future, claims YouTube channel MindChop – and if you were an avid fan of the show or have seen a number of its episodes, you just might agree.

Some of these supposed predictions involved events like the Ebola virus; although some netizens argue that this could not be true because the virus didn’t really just exist as a huge threat in 2015 but also back in 1995 when the show included an episode of Bart being afraid of contracting the deadly disease.

Now, how about the Donald Trump spoof that later came true – that he’s running for president of the US? Well, that might be attributed to the fact that Trump has been talking about running for a political office for years but only made the actual bid for presidency in the 2016 elections.

Check out the 10 things that the show had ‘predicted’ in this video:

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