Did You Know Rainbows are Actually Circles? Incredible Video of a Circle Rainbow Goes Viral

Did you know that rainbows are actually circles but we only see the upper part because of the viewing angle we have relative to its location? While it’s hard to believe that rainbows are circles, one video showing proof of this has gone viral on YouTube – and you’ll surely be amazed.

The video was taken from inside the cabin of a crane doing construction works on top of the Lakhta Center skyscraper (462 m) in St Petersburg, Russia. From this angle, the crew were able to view the rainbow as the full circle it should be.

Photo credit: YouTube – Lakhta Center

Knowing this is a rare opportunity, one of them immediately took a video of this beautiful phenomenon to share it on social media for the world to see – and it has really gone viral.

Some people couldn’t believe this was for real, accusing the uploader of creating a fake video but according to scientists, rainbows are actually full circles most of the time because the light that is refracted on the water droplets spread out to form the circle but we only get to view the top half that appears above the ground.

Composite image by Global News / YouTube – Lakhta Center

Did you know that you can’t really touch a rainbow? While we see the rainbow at a fixed distance, it is actually just an optical illusion and is not ‘really there’ per se; thus, if you see someone standing at the end of the rainbow, don’t think he’s found the pot of gold because from his vantage point, he will also see the rainbow at a far distance, at the same angle as you did.

Check out this video of the awesome circle rainbow in Russia. Beautiful, isn’t it?