Diligent Student Has to Cross a Broken Bridge Just to Get to School

A video of a boy, together with his father, braving their way through a broken bridge so the boy could attend his classes has recently gone viral.

Posted by Siti Zaharah on the social networking site Facebook, the boy, a pre-school student at Sekolah Batu Yon, and his father were seen crossing over a broken suspended metal bridge at Pamah Aur, Bukit Betong, Kuala Lipis in Pahang, Malaysia. The boy was seen clutching his father’s arms, as they slowly inch their way to pass through the bridge.

There was flooding in the village during that time and the roads were impassable. However, the boy was so eager to attend school. There is an alternate road going to school but it would take 45 minutes before they can reach the school so the father decided to use the broken bridge, instead.

Photo credit to Siti Zaharah

According to the boy’s mother and the uploader of the video, the said bridge has been unusable since it was broken due to a landslide last 24 January 2017 and it has not been repaired ever since.

As a response, the Lipis Public Works Department (JKR) announced on its Facebook page that repairs on the suspension bridge in the Pamar Aur Village will start on 8 January and is expected to be completed on 18 March 2018.