Disabled Chinese Woman Inspires Netizens with Her Determination and Hard Work

Though this girl doesn’t have any arms, that doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves and needs to do. According to Bastille Post, young Yang Li from China lost her arms when she was nearly 4 years old when she accidentally touched a high-voltage cable while playing with her friends on October 1993.

Though she survived the accident, the doctors decided to amputate both of her arms.

Image: News Portal

Growing up was hard, but she trained her feet to do the things normal people do such as eating using chopsticks and applying makeup. In fact, her legs are as flexible and versatile as our arms. She loves playing video games and she’s using smartphone to communicate with his friends on WeChat. Wow!

Want to hear what’s the most amazing thing she can do with her foot? She can even hold a brush with her foot and do calligraphy. How cool is that?!

Image: News Portal

With her courage and hard work, she graduated from Anhui Agricultural University in 2007 and now works as a clerk.

Yang Li’s story of determination and perseverance touched the hearts of her 900,000 fans. She uses a selfie stick mounted around her neck and gives her viewers a glimpse of her daily life through a live streaming page.

Image: News Portal

“Live of the disabled can be very simple and dull, but I can meet and make many friends through live streaming,” Yang Li said in an interview with Asia One.

May the story of Yang Li serve as an inspiration that we can achieve anything we want to do as long as we are determined in achieving it.

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