Disgusting Footage Shows Cleaners Using the Same Brush for Toilets and Glasses in 5-Star Hotels in China

China has once again figured in a rather disgusting controversy after an undercover reporter found out that cleaners in 5-star hotels had a lot of hygiene breaches. One could not help but wonder what actually happens in the less expensive hotels!

The undercover reporter went to three of the top hotels in Harbin, a popular ski destination in northern China.

Footage from the hidden camera taken at Harbin Kempinski and Harbin Shangri-la showed the cleaners casually using the same brushes and rags to clean the sinks and toilets. But what’s really disgusting is that these same brushes and rags were also used on the glasses which the hotel guests use for drinking! Really disgusting.

Photo credit: Gerald Sum / Facebook

While the footage was taken in these two high-end hotels, the same practice was also done in Harbin Sheraton, the report announced. Health officials have investigated the matter and confirmed that the videos were authentic.

The hotels have since been fined for the cleaners’ actions and were tasked to re-train staff so the same would not happen again but this is not guaranteed, especially because the workers are left to do things on their own and are trying to earn as much money as they could by cleaning up as many rooms as they can.

Photo credit: Gerald Sum / Facebook

According to the report, the hotel workers are expected to clean twelve rooms in their shift. Additional rooms they get to clean will give them a bonus of $2 per room; thus, the workers try to clean as fast as they can. Sadly, they have also compromised the health standards of the hotel.

Aside from using the same brushes and rags to clean the toilets, sinks, and glasses, the workers also admitted that they recycle bed sheets and blankets even if they are preparing the room for new guests. Blankets and sheets that look alright are smoothed out and refolded on the beds. Yuck.

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