Divorce Registration, Now Available through WeChat in China

When a husband and wife decided to divorce, it is a tough, long and hard battle to face; that’s not to mention the fact that it’s expensive. But in China, you don’t have to go through the roller coaster ride for divorce because you can simply file for divorce on WeChat which is a popular messaging application in their country equivalent to Facebook Messenger.

Apparently, you can make an appointment for divorce and marriage registration in the documents page of the application.

Image from Next Shark

The applicants must enter their location and give their personal details like their name and home address.

“It’s also very typical that payments can also be handled directly through WeChat, although without going through the process, it’s unclear if this is an option right now,” said WeChat expert, Matthew Brennan.

Divorce rates in China are getting bigger. In fact, in Guangzhou, the divorce rate is at 35% followed by Beijing at 39%, Shanghai at 38% and Shenzhen at 36.25% according to Next Shark.

Currently, this divorce feature is just a trial and active in Guangdong province, that includes big cities like Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Image from Next Shark

Actually filing for divorce is just one of the many functions in WeChat. The users in the province can now store driving permits, passport copies, manage their tax documents, and marriage license using the application.

Soon WeChat owner Tencent will be rolling them out across the country.

With the fast-growing digital age, maybe this type of feature will be applied all over the globe. Which makes couples realize that there are easy options to get out of their unhappy marriages. Do you think this is a good idea?

Source: Irish Tech News Next Shark