DIY: Make Your Own LEGO Gummies!

Growing up, LEGOs have been very much part of my childhood days. I remember playing with them every play time and creating a mini-Legoland and/or villages. With Lego, you can create just about anything: from robots, chairs, tables, mini-houses, etc. — your imagination is the only limit.

And just when you thought all you can do with Legos couldn’t get any better, voila! Someone creates an amazing recipe for homemade yummy gummy LEGO pieces that you can actually build with!

Grant Thompson, the brains behind YouTube channel The King of Random  created a treat for gummy and Lego lovers — LEGO gummy candies! What’s even more interesting, it only needs three ingredients: Jell-o gelatin, corn syrup and unflavored gelatin.

Photo credit: Youtube
Photo credit: Youtube

The video below shows us  a step by step procedure on how to make these great treat!

For more information, you can go directly to these pages. Enjoy!

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