Doctor Interrupts Emergency C-section…The Nurse was Shocked at His Reason

The nurses of a busy hospital were called in for an emergency C-section. They hurried to the operating room to prepare.

While waiting for their patient to arrive, a doctor enters the room. However, instead of instructing the nurses on what they should do for the patient, he went down on his knees in front of one of the nurses.

She was pleasantly surprised by his unscheduled arrival and the fact that he was holding out a beautiful ring in front of her.

It turns out the emergency C-section call was just a ploy to get her to the room so the doctor could propose to her! The other nurses were in on the plan.

In retrospect, she said she had wondered why one of the nurses kept on filming the scene when they were supposed to be busy with the preparations for the patient.

Cool trick, doc!

But wait…that’s not what’s truly wonderful about the proposal. According to SF Globe, this proposal has a tragic backstory because the couple, Mike and Casey, both lost their respective spouses just one week apart of each other some years ago. Of course, at the time, they were not a couple yet.

It took years for the wounds to heal and for them to find each other. So, now they are sharing a beautiful life, a second chance at love.

Watch the cool proposal video here: