Doctor mom witnesses 4-year-old son’s COVID battle

  • A doctor shared her experience as a mom whose four-year-old kid tested positive for COVID-19
  • The battle was tough for her especially since she knew medical terms and what they imply
  • The kid has recovered from the virus and is back home

A doctor in Colorado whose son tested positive for COVID-19 shared her experience to fellow parents to warn them to take the pandemic seriously.

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On March 30, Dr. Anna Zimmermann brought her four-year-old son Lincoln to the hospital because of high fever and bad cough. His COVID test came out positive.

“We had done everything…We just hang out at home that whole time, so it was not on our radar because we had done everything that we were supposed to do,” she narrated.

As a mother, she said she observed her son’s difficulty in breathing and as a doctor, she said she knew what this meant.

“As a doctor, the medical terms are retractions where you can see the muscles between the ribs moving. You can see the belly kind of breathing and indentations underneath the ribs. So as a doctor, I could see those medical things happening and as a mom, it’s just gut-wrenching, right?” she said.

Dr. Zimmermann joined her son in the hospital room and was not allowed to go out.

“Well, I was allowed to leave, but then I could not come back and that was not an option for me. He’s 4. He’s scared. He’s sick,” she explained.

This is why she is thankful to all the nurses who willingly brought everything that she needed like food and water.

Image via Facebook | MightyLittles

Still, the nurses had to limit the frequency of going inside the room, which Dr. Zimmermann understood.

“There’s a national shortage of protective equipment. They’re trying to preserve protective equipment. They’re trying to keep themselves safe and limit their exposure,” the doctor said.

After going through the worse, Lincoln started feeling better after five days in the hospital.

“You don’t realize how much you’re holding your breath and how little you’re sleeping and how tense you are as your child’s getting worse and worse and worse,” Dr. Zimmermann recounted. “And then as soon as we were able to turn oxygen flow down and he actually ate a popsicle, it’s just like this weight comes off of you and you can breathe again.”

“Yes, COVID is scary, and yes, some kids can get really sick. But overall, kids are still doing well. Take it seriously but only live through it once if it’s gonna happen.”

The kid has recovered from the virus and is back home

Sources: Now This, MightyLittles